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"3rd Sickle Cell Conference in Kampala | June 19th 2015|
A special thanks to the key players

Following the success of the First and Second Annual Sickle Cell Conferences that were hosted by the BMK Group and Hotel Africana, we want to assure you that the 3rd Annual Sickle Cell Conference will take place this year and we are working hard to make it worthwhile. The venue will stay Hotel Africana, the PEOPLE'S SPACE. Overwhelmed by the attendance of more than 4000 attendees we are making sure we take care of the people who will come this year. This is why we are changing to a bigger venue.

"SCREENING AND TESTING FOR SICKLE CELL": 19th June. 2015 | Bring a friend, patient or parent of a patient«:

There will be onsite screening and testing for sickle cell. So bring your family or friend or partner so you can get tested before committing to a long life relationship or even marriage. A lot of education material, lectures and workshops to sensitize the general public about creating a national dialogue for the way forward to cope, care, live with sickle cell disease, and an exciting future of Sickle Cell Cure "Cord Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant". Make it a point to come and attend.

"Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace." ― Confucius

BMK Group promises to host the Sickle Cell Conference annuallyCalling on all Ugandan local companies to join us«:

This event intends to create a National dialogue: a way forward, recognizing the need for a National Sickle Cell Disease policy framework in Uganda, involving the Ugandan government, and the urgent need for scientific research, and the challenges along way among those caring and living with sickle cell disease. This year is the beginning of many other conferences that will emphasize the need to save the 90% of Ugandan children whose lives are claimed by sickle cell disease in Uganda. The idea is to target the government health care policy makers in Uganda, medical schools, nursing schools, hospitals, and other health care centers. Also, non-governmental organizations such as local sickle cell organizations, international agencies and the media. In addition, involve the Sickle Cell patients, parents, their families, and care givers. The Ugandan local companies should also come on board.

"Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace." ― Confucius

Soon we will publish a quartely magazine called Sickle. It is meant to be an awareness avenue for the populace to read about the causes of the sickle cell anemia, how to take care of sickle cell patients, how the disease can be controlled and the possibilities available in healing the disease. Special attention will be focused on patients and their parents in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, although the magazine will be distributed in America, Europe and Canada.

Diabetes and Ovarian Cancer are two other diseases that have plagued so many individuals and families in our society. So we will dedicate some sections in the magazine on how to deal with Diabetes and Ovarian Cancer on different levels.


We encourage professional medical personnel who are conversant with the Sickle Cell disease to send us articles that will help other professionals learn about the modern advancement in the treatment of the Sickle Cell disease. We ask donors, sponsors and well wishers to assist us in our fight to destigimatize the Sickle Cell Disease and its victims.
Send us an email to subscribe for the magazine.


JULY 2012:: UASCRF will host the first annual conference on Sickle Cell Anemia in East Africa. It will take place in Uganda's Capital: KAMPALA at the Hotel Africana. We will have internationa Medical Professionals well versed about the disease and its treatment options. Some of the highlights of the Conference:

  • Destigimatizing the 'SICKLER" reference to patients.
  • How to keep the disease under control at all times.
  • The treatment and elimination of the disease.
Refering to Patients as "Sicklers" is wrong!

In Uganda the dilemma of a sickle cell sufferer and the immediate family goes beyond grappling with the overwhelming health effects of the disease.
The deeply-rooted stigma from society alone causes families to sometimes hide their sick for fear of being labeled cursed and eschewed from social functions. When known that a family has a sufferer, intimate relationships with any member of that family are shunned. We encourage everybody undestant that sickle cell patients should not be refered as "sicklers" just as you wouldn't refer to HIV patients as "AIDS carrier". It is not only primitive but it is very disrespectful.