• Hotel Africana Hosts

    3rd Annual Sickle Cell Conference

    Hotel Africana Owner, Enterprenuer Haji B. M. Kibirige donated space in form of a hall for UASCRF to host the our Third Sickle Cell Management Conference on 19th June 2015 International Sickle Cell Day. Bring a friend.

  • Cord Blood Registry Gifts

    Offered to Children

    An American company called CORD BLOOD REGISTRY donated and shipped Christmas gifts to Uganda. These were given to all children/patients who attended this party. The children were treated to drinks and snacks plus a Christmas Cake was cut and served to the children and their parents.

  • Sickle Cell disease is not infectious..

    STOP STIGMATISING Sickle Cell Patients!

    Individuals with a chronic illness like sickle cell disease are at risk for depression. Depression may go untreated because of the stigma and high rates of disability associated with this chronic illness. it is our duty to educate everyone that Sickle Cell is not a contagious disease. And to help them live as normal a life as everybody else.

  • Mariam Mulumba

    First Ugandan Cured of Sickle Cell

    ON International Sickle Cell Day, June 19th at Hotel Africana, Kampala we will hold the Third Annual Sickle Cell Conference.
    Mariam Mulumba who was the first Ugandan to get cured of the Sickle Cell Disease through Bone Marrow Transpland will be there and she will make a presentation. Come with a friend or friends it is going to be a blast.


  • Dr. Lukiah Promoted

    To Major Rank in the U.S. Air Force

    Captain Lukiah Mulumba, an active member in the US Air Forces was recognized for her contribution and role in helping create awareness of the Sickle Cell disease in Uganda while actively serving in the US Air force. She received her award, seen here flanked by her husband Mr. Abudallah Mulumba and Dr. B.M. Kibirige, president of the Hotel Africana and the BMK Group.

  • Community Outreach

    Major Mulumba's presentation in Dallas.

    A presentaion on issues facing sickle cell disease management in Uganda. This presentation was held at Nyaritex Conference Center, Dallas/Fort worth (DSW). It was presented to Ugandan American Community with a main theme of inspiring young children to excel, the importance of community service, Sickle Cell stigma in Uganda and the major issues affecting sickle cell disease patients in Uganda, East Africa.

  • Capt. Mulumba is now

    called Major, Doctor Mulumba

    Major Doctor Mulumba Lukiah is how we call her now. After graduating with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice, our own is now a Doctor. On top of that the United States Airforce where she works also promoted her to the rank of Major for her never ending efforts to fight for the common person on all grounds.



Who we are | Our Mission

The Uganda -American Sickle Cell Rescue Fund (UASCRF), founded in 2005 by a Uganda-American couple Abudallah and Lukiah L. Mulumba with well wishers in the United States to raise funds and awareness for fighting the sickle cell disease.

Carol Survives Sickle Cell Anemia

Once a Sickler, Now Fully Healed From the Disease. Tests show no rejection of Mark's transplanted tissue. His bone marrow lives in Carol, his elder sister and produces healthy blood.

Mark 4 years later "post transplant"

it is Mark Mulumba who donated the bone marrow and whose umbilical cord blood was used to give his older sister Carol a new lease on life. Mark Abdullah was found a perfect DNA bone marrow match.

UASCRF, BMK Group & Mariam Mulumba at the Third Annual Sickle Cell Conference.


The Third Annual Sickle Cell Conference will take place in Kampala, Uganda at Hotel Africana, on 19th June, 2015. Registration begins at 08:00am.

Capt. Lukiah Mulumba, president of Uganda American Sickle Cell Rescue Fund said "Because of Marriam, our daughter, we have dedicated our life to making a difference and raising awareness to the Struggles of living with Sickle cell anemia in Uganda and worldwide. I am happily married to a wonderful man called Mr. Mulumba Abudallah. He is and has been my hero during the difficult times, the sickle cell trials when our daughter Carol battled with sickle cell disease. My husband is another man behind my strength during these trials and success of the sickle cell cause. We have three beautiful children: a girl Carol Marriam Zawedde 12 years old, a boy Mark Kanabi, 9 years old, and a girl Aliah Naginda who is five years old.

"As a medical personnel, a mother who once raised a sickle cell child, then was cured, I have the best expertise to give hope to those struggling every day battling sickle cell disease. I have been actively involved in organizing the event, net working with pertinent participants. I will also be aamong the  presenters who will present the disease management, health policy, evidenced based practice, and the way forward for sickle cell disease in Uganda. Also doctors from other areas of the country such as Bundibujyo, Gulu, Mbale, Mulago, Nsabya, Mengo, Kampala International, and others will present incidence and management of sickle cell disease in their local areas. We will also have testimonies from sickle cell patients and their caregivers/families. 
We hope all our supporters and sponsors will come on board from different parts of Uganda to support this noble cause and help us reduce the 90% incidence of children who lives are claimed by sickle cell disease each year".

Lukiah Mulumba promoted to rank of Major in the U.S. Airforce and graduates as a Doctor (DNP).


Celebrating Ugandans in the Diaspora ~ The Ugandan Diaspora Social Networking Event

KAMPALA, UGANDA. We want to thank everyone who participated and those who attended the networking event to witness the inauguration and presentation of Awards to prominent Ugandans who have made a difference both at home and in the Diaspora. Do not miss the same event coming up in December of this year, 2012. We are working on posting the pictures of the event in our Gallery section. But for now you can check out the pictures at the UGANDAN DIASPORA website.

For more info visit http://www.ugandandiaspora.com | or you can send an email at this contact: info@ugandandiaspora.com | <<MORE>>

All the Annual Sickle Cell Conferences at Hotel Africana—Kampala, are being facilitated and graciously hosted by the BMK Group. The BMK Group Chairman, Alhaji B. M. Kibirige (pictured) donated the venue and has contributed so much for the Conferences to happen financially and materialistically.
The International Sickle Cell Day is annually celebrated globally and on JUNE 19th so we are holding our third Sickle Cell Conference on the same date; we are creating a national dialogue for the way forward to cope, care, live with sickle cell disease, and an exciting future of Sickle Cell Cure "Bone/cord blood Marrow Transplant". We expect more than 4000 people to attend this year's conference. The Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament who was the chief guest at our First Annual Conference promised to table the bill to ask the Ministry of Health to consider seriously helping Sickle Cell patients just like patients with AIDS and other fatal diseases in Uganda.

This event is to create a National dialogue and a way forward for the future of sickle cell disease/disease in Uganda. The Sickle Cell Conference seeks, among other things, to create a collision between government and its entities such as health policy makers, ministry of health, universities, schools, and the civil society in increasing the disease awareness, education about the disease, appeal for more research/funding for sickle cell activities, increase/involve evidenced based practises in sickle cell management in Ugandan health care centres/hospitals and re-ignite the impact of sickle cell diseases on the communities and households.

  • Informative, Empowering & Encouraging to patients, parents, caregivers
  • Entertainment and Laugh Out Loud anecdotes
  • Touching accounts of survival | Memorium | Patient testimonies

Because we are committed to patient care and educating the masses about the forgotten Monster of Sickle Cell Disease, We have received prestigious awards from different organisations and corporations.
To mention a few:

  • UNAA - Leadership Achievement Award 2011
  • Top Ladies of Distinction Annual Spirit Award
  • 59th Inpatient Operations Group Commander's coin